Life Coaching is about developing and taking steps toward your goals while identifying the thoughts that will drive you there.  Without new thoughts life remains the same.  By discovering new ways of seeing things we can become unstuck and pursue our goals with joy.  I offer individual 
sessions in my office, as well as skype and phone coaching. 

I have always been passionate about using public speaking as a means to share inspiring and hopeful messages.  I have a decade of public speaking experience having spent years spreading the word about our community needs within the not-for-profit world.  It is now my great pleasure to speak with communities and businesses about the impact our way of thinking has on our ability to be happy and succeed.   If you are looking for a guest speaker at your next staff meeting or employee development event please contact me for more information.  Please see a list of current speaking engagements here

*Request MORE INFORMATION here: Contact us

*Request MORE INFORMATION here: Contact us

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Our services

Having served in management and as an Executive Director, I have come to see how crucial developing positive office culture is for a business' success.  Corporate Coaching is a tool for Management Teams to set goals within their organization for increased employee productivity and job satisfaction.  Corporate Coaching is a way for organizations to gain outside perspective and learn about the newest research related to impactful employee incentives and how positivity can drive productivity.