Life-Inspiration Coaching

May be for you if:

  • you are frustrated in your personal or professional life goals
  • you are feeling stuck in life
  • you need inspiration and practical steps to meet your life goals
  • you are looking for purpose
  • you desire to find joy and direction in today, not waiting for it down the road when “X” happens.
  • you desire to develop positive thinking as a driving force in your life

What Life-Inspiration Coaching looks like:

  • A time in your life to be deeply encouraged and championed
  • A space to express what’s on your mind and heart with someone outside your immediate circle.
  • ​Coaching on  positive thinking practices.  It can change your life.
  • A space to explore what you are looking for in life and to consider new perspectives
  • Sessions in which very clear goals are set at the beginning and end of every session
  • Developing plans of action and being held accountable​
  • A partnership in which the coach’s goal is to listen intently, never to dictate, and to ask the questions that help you find your  voice and ultimately your inspiration in life.        

Note:  If you are in need of deeply exploring the past I believe therapy may be a better fit at present.  


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