Having served as an Executive Director and in management for seven years I have reviewed hundreds of resumes and hired for numerous positions.  I understand what businesses are looking for and what makes a "good" candidate "the" candidate. 

It is my joy to help individuals present who they truly are so that employers take notice. 

Interviewing Coaching Includes: 

  • Learn strategies to quiet your nerves, racing mind and sweaty palms.  
  • Learn how to talk about yourself.
  • Understand what creates a strong connection between an employer and interviewee and what makes you remembered at the end of the day. 
  • Practice and role play in a supportive environment with a third party professional. 
  •  Learn how to navigate the "sticky" parts of your resume. 
  • Deep encouragement and grounding yourself.


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Whether you have a story to tell, a product to sell, or a business idea to spread, improving your ability to communicate and connect with your audience through spoken word is paramount. 

With a decade of public speaking experience it is my joy to help individuals improve their skills and find the joy that comes when a speaker and audience connect and spark change. 


Public Speaking Coaching Includes: 

  • Techniques for calming nerves. 

  • Helpful guidance and direct advice on your presentation skills.

  • Finding YOUR style and voice so people can enjoy and connect with the authentic you. 

  • Practice presenting and refining your speech to a third person audience. 

  • Deep encouragement 

  • ​Anchoring your speech to a larger meaning and greater purpose. 

  • Goal setting and execution on your public speaking resolutions or deadlines.