Management Support: 

  • Eight individual coaching sessions for your management team.
  • Two group trainings on growing positivity in the workplace.  
  • Assist in developing a Positive Office Action Plan with support between trainings. 

Employee Coaching: 

  • Invest in and encourage your staff by providing individual coaching. 
  • Session Length: 45 minutes
  • Sessions will explore employee goals, stress coping mechanisms, and life-satisfaction. 

Positive Speaking Series: 

Catalyze positivity in the workplace with this speaking series: 

  • Power of thoughts on happiness and success 
  • Increase meaning, decrease stress 
  • Energy in the slumps
  • Your personal edge

Workplace Assessment:  

  • Administer office management and employee surveys. 
  • Review current procedure for hiring, evaluating, and valuing employees.
  • Develop a Thriving Office Culture Plan of Action. 
  • Implementation support and follow-up. 

Corporate Coaching

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