• You feel stuck or frustrated with advancing within or changing your career.
  • You are a skilled professional but you feel stuck moving forward.
  • You're tired of stress and pressure driving you.
  • You want to obtain your goals, but you want to experience joy while pursuing them. 


​There are times in everyone’s professional life where hitting that next plateau or making that career change seems to be a desire stuck in time.  Something holds you back.  You keep telling yourself you’re going to do it and one day you realize you’ve been saying that for a very long time. 

I can help.

Having grown within an organization to Executive Director and having made a drastic career change in pursuit of a passion, I deeply understand the fear, the feeling of being stuck, and the relief and joy in finding your way and reaching goals.

As a trained coach and as someone with keen intuition and experience, I will encourage, believe in, and serve as your accountability, as we create a plan forward.  Most importantly I will help you draw out your own inspiration and motivation that frees you to walk forward with confidence.    

Your goals are attainable, without stress and pressure driving them. 

You can move forward with joy and confidence.

I can help...

Call me today for your first session and take that first step forward.     

*Contact Kate Whitlock at 716-525-5006.                                                

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