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Coaching is a tool to use through different seasons of one’s life and in one’s business to help ask the questions that give insight and clarity, and to provide a partnership that encourages, holds accountable and helps to provide resources. 

Just as an athlete seeks coaching to bring out the skills they posses within, 

CAREER COACHING /CORPORATE COACHING helps to bring out the strengths of a client and their business, and is meant for people who are eager to find a new path in life or to significantly progress in their current course. 

my Coaching philosophy


Life needs to be moving.  

Like all of us, our desires develop as we live and I have directed my love of leadership and working with people into a career of coaching and motivational speaking.

about Kate

​​​​​​​In life we are either searching for direction to grow or embarking on a path of growth



Originally from Buffalo, NY, I spent most of my career in in the not-for-profit sector including serving as an Executive Director where I developed a




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